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French Outsourcing Firm Establishes Presence, from Latin America to the Pacific

The outsourcing industry seems to be on a roll these past weeks, even probably years. The month of June has proven to be an interesting month for outsourcing companies that have been sought out by companies coming from varied industries. The outsourcing industry has so much to offer and companies are already grabbing the widely available opportunities, eager to take on the challenge and privileges attached to it. First week of June has passed and the public is faced with news that French outsourcing firm Capgemini has been awarded a contract by two large banks from countries located at opposite […]

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A Recap of The Year That Was

The year is about to close and this could very well be the most interesting part of the year as predictions for the succeeding year are in abundance and this is the perfect time to see whether outsourcing predictions for the year 2011 did actually come true. Just around this time last year, Outsourcing Insider published a blog with the title “Outsourcing Sectors to Watch In 2011” where it points out that information technology and recruitment process outsourcing are the clusters that were identified to thrive this year. While on another note, the cluster of healthcare outsourcing companies were seen […]

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Companies Streamline Processes By Outsourcing Payroll

Finance and accounting processes may be regarded as an integral part of a company but it is also among the most tedious.  This is why companies are constantly looking for ways to make it more efficient and more manageable. Under the different finance and accounting processes, one that stands out is payroll outsourcing. This is the finance and accounting branch that is commonly outsourced by companies, as compared to others such as accounts receivables and accounts payables, because outsourcing this function often results in more efficient processes, reducing paperwork for companies. As huge piles of paperwork are inefficient to say […]

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Outsourcing Companies See IT Solutions Providers As A Good Buy

In an industry like outsourcing, wherein there is a constant push towards development and expansion, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace.  Outsourcing companies acquire other companies in order to grow and expand into related business domains that they can integrate with their business, in the hopes that such actions would yield more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, companies acquire other companies in order to branch out their services and diversify their solutions so they can capitalize on a particular market, which are usually the ones that are booming. One such outsourcing company making an acquisition is Indian outsourcer Genpact Limited (NYSE:G). […]

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More Opportunities Come To IT Solutions Providers

Outsourcing solutions providers have maintained the interest of many professionals and experts on the industry primarily because of its unpredictable movements within the industry. A movement in an industry can be considered to be an indicator of growth, and it is most common that despite having a negative impression, it will lead to something positive for the industry. Back in 2006, Gartner (NYSE:IT) issued a press release stating that it is likely that Europe will play a major role in the growth of the outsourcing industry, and that the United States will continue to be a key player as well. […]

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