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Public Sector Slowly Embraces Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

The outsourcing activity within the public sector has improved beginning a couple of years ago, mainly for the reason of cutting costs and improving agency efficiency, which are the primary pitch of the outsourcing industry. As the idea of outsourcing spreads out even with government agencies across the globe, finance and accounting outsourcing solutions providers now strive to improve their capabilities, especially because government transactions require extra care and efforts when it comes to security. It may sound similar because core finance and accounting tasks are finance and accounting tasks but it is when you start to move towards the […]

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Back Office Outsourcing Trend Currently Mercurial

With regards to spending and budget, it makes sense for companies to outsource back office functions which range from simple processes such as web data entry, to more complex functions such as procurement and to a certain extent, payroll.  The trend however in back office outsourcing is mercurial at best with some companies achieving more success than others such that it becomes quite unpredictable to determine at first glance how the back office outsourcing industry will fare. Lloyd’s Banking Group (LON:LLOY), for example, is currently under fire for its decision to outsource 450 back office roles to its outsourcing partner […]

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Data Entry Software Brings Added Satisfaction to Outsourcing Clients

For a big fraction of the market, back office outsourcing pertains to outsourcing of finance and accounting processes, an assumption that was usually the case before. However, times have changed and solutions falling under the bracket of back office outsourcing are no longer limited to merely just finance and accounting; data entry services have also become a part of back office outsourcing, with more companies realizing that this aspect of their operations can be delegated to solutions providers. Back office outsourcing may be considered as the second most popular, if not the most popular, form of outsourcing as back office […]

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Cloud Computing May Bring Down IT Employment

The growth of the IT outsourcing industry is part of the effect of IT solutions commanding a big share in company processes. But in the wake of advancing technologies and processes becoming more streamlined with focus on energy and cost efficiency, the face of IT solutions is already changing. Traditionally, IT outsourcing companies provided services such as programming and development. But with the increasing popularity of cloud computing, the IT outsourcing industry is feeling the pinch as more companies turn to the cloud rather than develop or purchase software, computation, data access or storage. The IT outsourcing industry is dominated […]

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More Industries Turn To Back Office Outsourcing

Outsourcing of back office processes such as data entry services remains one of the easiest functions to outsource as more companies are learning, becoming a popular choice to outsource for various industries.  Back office outsourcing is now seeing increasing adoption among different verticals including the banking and asset management sectors. Almost a year ago, the banking industry drew attention as a report from research and consulting firm Marketsandmarkets found that US banks are outsourcing bank office processing duties at an increasing pace with growth estimates at $67.2 billion in 2015 from $38.1 billion in 2008, with IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Accenture (NYSE:ACN) […]

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