DATE POSTED: 02/17/2012

In the past, companies have relied on the traditional way of recruiting manpower, which is through the submission of professional résumé by applicants or through job fairs and job expositions. However, given the immediate and increasing demands in different fields, one of which is the outsourcing industry, outsourcing companies can no longer sit down and wait until an applicant come through their human resources door – which is why they have now turned to the opportunities presented by social media. But this is just one of the many uses of social media that your business can take advantage of.

According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing, of the businesses that they have surveyed, 75% of them are willing to spend more on using social media this 2012.

So now, what could be the possible uses of social networks that companies can take advantage of?

Social Media as Marketing and Advertising Tool

This is probably the most popular use of social media when it comes to businesses. Engaging in social media allows you to bring your business, either in the form of a service or a product, to your prospective clients or consumers. This is the century where the Internet is practically a part of one’s lifestyle and a source of a substantial amount of information, which is why the reach of your marketing and advertising strategies would be towards a broader market.

Another use for social media is to measure how your brand is faring in the market. There are outsourcing providers who offer Source Management and Data Collection services, together with Sentiment Analysis and Coding, which could help you identify what the public is saying about your brand.

Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

There are professional social networking sites that could help your human resource department expand the talent pool available to them. With professional networking sites, the users can upload their resume and this could serve as their profile already. However, for businesses to be able to tap this area and use it a source for recruitment, it would have to come with a price tag and could be expensive. Here enters the importance and benefit of having an outsourcing partner that could help you in recruitment. As with outsourcing companies, it is highly likely that they already have the necessary resources and registered accounts in this kind of networking sites.

Social Media as a Customer Relations Tool

As interaction is one of the primary reasons of social media, it is only wise to make use of this medium to connect with your customers. There are outsourcing solutions providers that could assist your business in establishing excellent customer relations through social media.

This is one aspect that companies have probably overlooked before, but is now gaining traction wherein companies are even interested to spend more this year just to maximize the advantages of social media.

Do you have any other ideas how social media can help a company? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Infinit-O boasts of long-lasting outsourcing partnership with clients who have integrated Infinit-O’s social media expertise in their businesses.

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