DATE POSTED: 05/23/2015

In recent years, the Philippines and India have been head-to-head in dominating the global BPO arena. While India’s still considered as the undisputed leader, the Philippines is fast gaining ground with its literate English-speaking populace, widespread government support, and concerted efforts for infrastructure improvements.

With relation to this, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India (ASSOCHAM), revealed that India’s international voice center industry arisen an approximately 50% loss in 2013, due to the increasing number of outsourced voice-support accounts preferring Filipino employees’ neutral accents.

However, several major BPOs such as Aegis and companies such as Telstra and Bestbuy, attest to the superior selling skills of Indian employees. As such, call centers are not just cost centers, but rather units that can drive some revenue as well. (Source: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-08-14/news/52807781_1_bpo-market-philippines-sandip-sen)

Philippines VS India: A comparative analysis between the two leading outsourcing hub in the world

Let’s look at some statistics in order to have a more objective view on the strengths and weaknesses of both premier destinations.

In terms of scale, India’s still the dominant country, but the Philippines’ rapidly gaining ground. While both countries are at par as far as infrastructure is concerned, the Philippines is at an advantage because of its considerable support from both private and public sectors. However, India’s taking notice of these facts by quickly responding to the needs for improvement.

Both countries have their own strengths and weaknesses, with Indian employees being recognized for their selling and analytical skills and Filipinos known for good labor quality and voice-support dominance. Whichever you believe is the better outsourcing destination, know that both are making great strides in providing better services and addressing client needs.


Author: Outsourcing Insider

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