DATE POSTED: 02/03/2015

With over 1.15 billion users and counting, there’s no denying that Facebook has the biggest reach and the widest influence among all social media sites. To maximize your presence on this platform, it’s important that you know what types of posts garner the most clicks, likes, and shares, and which ones don’t. With the recent algorithm changes governing what can and cannot be seen on your news feed, many are left scratching their heads, figuring out how to craft the perfect Facebook post.

Worry no more. We’ve scoured the internet for best practices tips on what your post should look like.

Here are the elements of what a Facebook post should look like:


If you follow these suggestions, your chances of garnering higher engagement on your Facebook page will most likely be higher. Having said that, there’s really no one-size-fits all solution across all platforms and businesses; try these strategies and see what works for you. You’re bound to find just the right formula specifically made for you.


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