DATE POSTED: 04/22/2013

What we know about outsourcing services remains as true as they were, even before they became practically a staple in a global organization’s business toolbox. Cost reduction, increased productivity, immediate savings – all these are the results of well-implemented outsourcing solutions. There is, however, another thing outsourcing offers: innovation.

Innovate or die is the challenge looming over every business’s metaphorical head. To be, and stay, ahead of your competitors, you have to know what’s coming next and innovate accordingly. While outsourcing services are supposed to help decision makers focus more on their core business, outsourcing providers can play a huge role in innovation. That is, if and when they’re given the chance.

For innovation to reflect in outsourcing solutions, businesses have to look at them differently. They’re not just part of a strategy designed to take care of non-critical business operations. Outsourcing services can also help transform your business, so you, in turn provide your own customers the kind of innovation they need.

Innovation thrives in the best BPO relationships, and the best BPO relationships thrive in environments where the following occur:

  • Motivation. When an outsourcing services provider is given the right kind of motivation, expectations aren’t just met, they are exceeded. BPO companies get the motivation they need from being looped into a client’s decision-making, particularly in the areas where their solutions are deployed.
  • Collaboration and consultation. Implementing outsourcing solutions according to the mindset that BPO companies are simply service providers does get the job done. But one way to get the most out of outsourcing is to consider your BPO provider as a strategic partner. To deliver business growth and transformation, BPO providers should get clients actively involved in customizing solutions through collaboration, whether it’s being part of testing or giving timely, constructive feedback.Another good collaborative practice is to have clients engage with the teams handling their accounts. While interacting with clients is a standard procedure in ensuring seamless delivery of projects, regular discussions centered on eliciting fresh ideas will bring out the best in both outsourcing services provider and client. This practice is crowdsourcing at its finest.
  • Trust. This should be the first on the list, because no company would get a BPO provider it didn’t trust, but it’s the last on our list, because it’s the most important. When outsourcing solutions deliver the desired results, the trust grows. And when the trust grows, results go from ‘desired’ to ‘exceed expectations.’

When there’s motivation, collaboration, and trust, the relationship becomes a symbiotic one, something that’s win/ win. The BPO company becomes more than an outsourcing services provider, it becomes a consultant and a partner.

Innovation in outsourcing, however, isn’t as dramatic as one might think, though its impact is nonetheless impressive, especially to a business’s bottom line. This could be a year-on-year increase on service delivery levels, a new application that directly addresses the needs of client’s end customers, or the creation of next-generation outsourcing solutions that deliver better-than-expected business outcomes.

Infinit-O has helped clients achieve their own goals and more. We’ve done this consistently, because we turn business transactions into long-term partnerships, leading clients to see us more than just an outsourcing services company.

Author: Outsourcing Insider

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