DATE POSTED: 03/18/2013

Gone are the days when “soft metrics” and “brand marketing” were scoffed at; the paradigm has shifted. Driven by content marketing, thought leadership, and customer experience, more and more companies are looking at brands with newfound respect.

The “brand experience”, of owning it to help drive business growth, sometimes puts outsourcing in a bad light. The argument is, subcontracting services to a BPO company hurts the brand, that the concept of outsourcing is not about “owning” but “disowning” operational activities, which goes against branding principles.

This isn’t necessarily true. What others fail to see, and what Infinit-O has always leveraged, is outsourcing’s massive role in enhancing the brand experience.

How can outsourcing services boost a company’s brand?

  • With a BPO company running your non-core operations, you get the bandwidth to rethink your main business strategy to align them with your brand and what it stands for. The hard metrics that outsourcing services are measured against deal mostly with operational costs. Cutting costs allows companies to reallocate resources to the core operations that directly add value to a customer’s experience with the brand.
  • Global sourcing companies like Infinit-O have dedicated knowledge workers trained to execute services in various industries or business sectors. Technical support services, for instance, are implemented by IT professionals. Back-office activities like research and social media are done by data analysts and digital marketers. Pharmacy benefit management transactions are handled by real pharmacists. Whenever you subcontract services to a seasoned BPO company, you are assured of high performance.

This is particularly vital in outsourcing services for the voice or contact center sector, which has people directly interfacing with the end-client. A contact center with skilled customer support representatives who serve as a company’s “frontliners” speaks volumes about a company’s brand.

To sum it all up, outsourcing services allows organizations to 1) cut costs and strategically reallocate resources and 2) increase service levels by subcontracting non-core processes that still require specialization.

Both results improve the brand experience.

In an era of globalized yet very volatile economies, end-clients or customers think and spend smart. While the low price of products or services is a huge factor in spending decisions, research has shown that customers are still swayed by brand loyalty. If companies give a great brand experience, customer satisfaction is bound to lead to customer retention. Customer retention leads to brand loyalty.

Outsourcing services neither weaken nor hurt the brand; in fact, it reinforces it. The activities of a BPO company, after all, shouldn’t stray from the client’s corporate vision, mission, and values. And when both BPO company and client work as partners, not just as “principal and subcontractor”, business goals are aligned and easily achieved.

Author: Outsourcing Insider

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