DATE POSTED: 12/21/2017

The holiday season can get busy for any business. Orders pile up, deadlines are still on the run, and everyone is working double time. Companies like Walmart, UPS, and Amazon even hire employees just for that period. Other businesses like Walmart opt to extend hours to keep up with the higher demand. This peak comes with customers not just visiting your store more frequently but also having other demands because of the holiday shopping and other season related concerns. While this may seem overwhelming, you can outsource a portion of these tasks and processes to a reliable contact center.

Apart from orders and customer service, there are other business aspects that a reliable outsourcing provider can take care of. Here are some of the ways outsourcing will drive various ways of success to your business.

Content Management

There’s a tendency for companies to hold off other important work such as online product content management and creation during the holidays. Departments and management are more focused on the holiday promos and filling all orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. But forgetting important matters lie content creation and integration could cause a serious backlog in the coming year. You can save money and still prioritize the holiday rush by outsourcing content collection and integration. While your in-house staff focuses on holiday sales and conversions, another team can prioritize collecting, organizing, and maintaining the product information that is going into your business’ site and database.

Keep Up With Your Customers

Online shopping is at its peak during this time of the year. Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) forecasts 41 percent of shoppers will spend more time online compared to last year since the products they seek are cheaper from ecommerce stores. There is also the 32 percent that are primarily online shoppers. That’s more than half of the retail market for your business to serve and profit from. Outsourcing your omni-channel support will let you keep up with all the continuous demands and stay updated on any issues with orders or concerns communicated online. Remember that customers don’t just address their queries over the phone these days, so you need an experienced outsourced company to handle everything sent through social media, chat, and e-mail support.

Prioritizing customer support also assures higher customer retention and lessens customer abandonment. Air France fixed its abandonment problem after upgrading its system based on an analysis of customer activity on their website. The company was able to reduce abandonment significantly after this upgrade. An upgrade can be costly for a small company or a business with a lot of holiday activity, so perhaps it’s best to outsource the current customer service channels provided by your site and social media channels.

Maintain the Best Time for Marketing

The competition is fiercer during the holidays, so your business and its products need to stand out against all kinds of competitors. If you’re a small business or need the in-house team to prioritize product development, quarterly planning, and on site holiday promos this season, it’s best to outsource your content marketing to another company. You’ll be able to stay under the radar of your target market while still being able to focus on your in-house team’s current priorities. You could even expand the outsourced team’s services to content integration and work on other potential sale opportunities close to the holiday time frame.

Outsource Human Resource Management

The holidays also require companies to hire more temporary employees in the span of a few weeks. Your current human resources department is probably attending to other matters by this time. They don’t have the time, resources, money, or headspace to getting to know and hiring a high volume of candidates within a small span of time.  You can easily remedy this problem by outsourcing your seasonal hiring to another company. The outsourced team can handle everything from screening, interviews, background checks to drug testing. You also save your own company the money that would have been spent on administrative tasks, overhead costs, and other related matters if the task was done in-house.

Manage the Influx of Orders

Your current staff size could be too small to handle the holiday’s large volume of orders. It’s not smart to risk getting these orders wrong and upset the increasing number of customers that could come back had they’d been given a pleasant, error-free experience. Outsourcing a company that specializes in such large orders can help your business deal lessen errors and streamline all processes efficiently. Tapping a company that handles such tasks on a daily basis will also uplift your own brand’s reputation and set the foundations for sales in the future. Don’t be afraid to invest in outsourcing sales and process handling. It will not just benefit you during the holidays but also reflect in the business’ long-term profits.

Set Up Better Shipping Options

The holidays also require more orders be sent across states at a faster rate. Some customers may even require that their order arrive a day after payment, so you’ll have to outsource fulfillment partners that have access to other shipping options. A fulfillment provider would be able to deliver a higher volume of orders within a limited time and even provide other shopping options to your customers. Outsourcing the fulfillment partner saves your company that extra costs that would have been spent on trouble shooting shipments and coordinating with third party suppliers in the process.

Your Outsourcing Option

You’ll want to outsource your content and marketing production, customer service, and other knowledge processes to a reliable company. Infinit-O Global Services is an established company that has years of experience in all these services and much more.  You can rely on us in taking care of anything from finance and accounting, healthcare, data and research to contact center services. We’re a globally certified company and has the accolades that guarantee your business both confidentiality and the utmost efficiency. If you’re looking to outsource, then look no further than Infinit-O and start discussing the limitless possibilities. Contact us today!





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