DATE POSTED: 12/17/2015

The holiday season has always been known to boost sale revenue for businesses if they play their cards right. If one is in the retailing business, holiday season sales can even account for 90 percent of one’s total annual sales.

The challenge for businesses on how to increase holiday sales revenue is the supply chain – having the right amount of products to the consumers at the right time. Logistics should be meticulously planned and at the same time, all eyes and ears should be on the lookout for sales trends that occur during the season.

How can a business take advantage of the potential boost in sales this season without hiring more seasonal employees? There is a more practical and cost-effective solution: Hire an outsourcing company.

Looking at it with an Outsourcing Perspective

If you want to boost your revenue for the holiday season without sacrificing more for your bottom line, outsourcing is the way to go. Outsourcing tasks, not just employment or manpower shortages, is a practical and long-term solution for companies of all sizes.

Outsourcing allows your company to quickly adapt and deal with sales fluctuations in a cost-effective manner without losing sales and customers, not to mention frees up your in-house team to focus on closing deals, sales and upselling.

Some Ideas on What to Outsource

With outsourcing, you can entrust time-consuming and specialized tasks. This means that from the most mundane but necessary tasks for your operations to the complex and highly-specialized tasks needed to support your business, the right outsourcing partner can handle it for your business.

Customer Service

Once sales start coming in, you need to fortify your front-end customer service as they will be the ones encouraging customers to buy, handling inquiries and converting them to sales. You don’t have the time to train new people to handle these important aspect of your operations – this would be better handled by an experienced outsourcing provider.


Cashflow will undoubtedly increase and so will the need for an efficient bookkeeping system. You would also need to have a meticulous auditing procedure to track down revenue and expenses. Accounting and payroll are actually the two most commonly outsourced tasks all year-round.

Lead generation

Working with an outsourcing partner for lead generation can increase and improve the quality of the sales leads you are getting. When you outsource this aspect, you avoid the increased overhead on operation tasks but still get the necessary data to ramp up your sales marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing

If you are a company involved in sales, you should take advantage of what the digital trend of marketing can do for your business. Social media marketing and online community management are fairly new industries to deal with but have so much impact on businesses who have taken their operations online. If you plan your marketing strategies with online marketing in mind, expect to see a boost in sales not only for your online website but also offline, if you have a brick and mortar store. Online presence is a huge deal nowadays.

Order Fulfillment Process

This will be your busiest season and the last thing you want is to have irate customers complaining of slow service and mistakes in their orders. If you operate an online store, outsource your fulfillment center and/or shipping provider. If you operate a brick and mortar store, outsource manpower by hiring through HR recruitment agencies.

Order management involves customer database management, payment by phone and order taking – you wouldn’t want this to be handled by your newly-hired staff. Trust this part of your operations to an expert.

Data Entry

This task is a mundane but very necessary part of a company’s daily operations. Product data entry management, such as adding product descriptions, codes and pricing information can be outsourced.

Technology-related tasks

Automating some of your tasks can give you the confidence to focus on more important and pressing matters without being worried that you are letting other things slide. If you don’t know which ones you can automate, you can outsource this as a seasonal project to a tech person or team.

Web/Online Store Maintenance and Optimization

Businesses offer e-commerce options or online shopping for their customers. It is necessary to ensure your online store can handle the increase in site visits and is optimized to handle an increase in orders. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, SEO optimization can be handled by an outsourcing company since this is a specialized task requiring manpower with specific skills.

Secure Data Management

Part of maintaining an online store is security. You need to protect your customers’ information to build trust and increase business transactions. Outsourcing this to data management experts lessens the risk for security breaches.

Increase Your Holiday Sales Revenue by Outsourcing

As you can see, outsourcing can have a direct and indirect effect on your sales this season. It can help you free your mind to focus on increasing sales by taking care of the daily mundane tasks in operations. It can help you handle the increase in workload as the season approaches without taking much from your bottomline. And it also helps increase sales by marketing and lead generation.

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Author: Outsourcing Insider

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