We recommend that companies conduct a thorough assessment before selecting an outsourcing service provider.

We believe there are four critical areas to consider: the company, the people, the process capabilities and the technology infrastructure. Below are the items we feel should be explored:


  • Company stability
  • Company vision
  • Business model
  • Management strength
  • Services/Solutions
  • Culture
  • Reputation/Client Satisfaction
  • Pricing Methods/Openness
  • Locations
  • Legal/Agreement/SLA


  • Quality of resources, education, skills
  • Hiring policy/process
  • Performance management process
  • Training
  • Language skills
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Scalability
  • Retention rate / Attrition rate
  • In-house resources/ sub-contractors


  • Quality approach and certifications
  • Project management skills
  • Governance process
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Physical security
  • Intellectual Property security


  • Applications, infrastructure expertise
  • Software Availability
  • Networks security, safety, reliability
  • Power backup
  • Internet and communication backup

We hope this list is useful. Let us know what we can add to make it more comprehensive.

Author: Pat Keegan

Pat Keegan

Pat is a highly accomplished executive with extensive expertise in operational responsibilities across multiple functions and technologies. He has led large, mature organizations and has planned, launched and managed emerging Silicon Valley start ups. Pat is a decisive leader recognized for consistently delivering bottom line results beyond expectations. Pat has extensive experience and success with global outsourcing. Key areas of expertise include, professional services management, customer service management, process/quality management, corporate strategy, global outsourcing and building sustainable high performance teams.