DATE POSTED: 02/11/2013

Having a team out of your reach can be daunting, even more if it follows a different time zone. The best offshore outsourcing partner should not be able to make you feel this way, especially because this is a strategy that can help your business. They should be able to assist you when it comes to the basics of outsourcing such as preparing contracts and discussing with you the statement of work. But the assistance of a service provider should not end after covering the initial phase of outsourcing, which also includes recruitment. They should be able to allow you to have an ample amount of supervision over your staff and should be done in the best possible way. You will find below some tips on how you can manage your offshore team without side-stepping your service provider’s management.

Be involved. Engaging with an outsourcing partner may entail a different approach to management and may mean a shift in work processes. It is important for you to know the processes you are entrusting to the outsourcing services provider as well as knowing the profiles of the people you want to fill the post. Although it is not mandatory, some executives join the recruitment process to get to know the candidates. This can give you an idea of how the outsourcing company selects the staff who will be working with you. Taking part in the recruitment process can give you the opportunity to discuss further your requirements and expectations. Aside from recruitment, another way also is to arrange a kick-off meeting with the entire team.

Ensure that there is a strong organizational structure. Outsourcing companies usually have a different working structure and environment. There will be instances when the team is given the opportunity to communicate directly with the client. Nevertheless, you should still be familiar of the escalation processes. You must be able to maintain a clear and regular communication with the Client Solutions managers. Also, if you require your outsourced team to interact with your in-house team, it is best to identify the respective points of contact for each team.

Have a seamless transfer of knowledge. An increase in productivity levels is an effect of an efficient knowledge transfer between your company and the outsourcing company. This should be done before the project starts, hence the recommendation of a kick-off meeting. However, it can also be done during the term of the project. It is definitely beneficial to you if process documentation is in place because this can serve as a supporting document when you go through the process with the team. This way, you no longer need to be fully hands-on in managing your team’s processes because a document is already available to them. Just make sure that both you and your outsourcing partner keep all process documentations updated.

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