With technology advancing to lengths never before imagined, the world is such an easier place to live in. As digital information is available to everyone with a hand-held device such as a smart phone or tablet, this information is enhanced dramatically with Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality is a technology that allows users to access specific information about an object their hand-held device is currently viewing. Imagine using your smart phone to view a particular restaurant. With AR, your phone will be able to use its camera to recognize the venue in real time. As it recognizes the venue, it will overlay graphics containing information such as food menu, user reviews, history, and all sorts of other usable data. Other devices that are currently utilizing AR interface are:

• Head Mounted Displays

• Glasses/Visors

• Contact Lenses/Virtual Retina Displays

• Head-up Displays for windshields and Screens

Augmented Reality in Outsourcing

It is common practice for many business organizations in the world today to outsource various business tasks to third-party service providers. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) allows companies to save on labor costs by hiring individuals who live in other countries with smaller economies. These individuals are college educated and have the ability of delivering high quality work for the fraction of the price that it costs to hire locally. When a company outsources its business tasks, they are able to eliminate overhead costs that allow them to offer competitive pricing to their customers. In addition, they are able to substantially increase profit margins that result in more profitability. Some common business processes that organizations typically outsource are:

• Training

• Web Design

• Search Engine Optimization/Web Content

As there are many amazing AR applications continuously being developed around the world, these outsourced business processes can be improved dramatically in BPO services that include transcription services, data entry services, website design services, and search engine optimization services to name a few.

Augmented Reality in Staff Training

With most third-party BPO services, staff training is a regular activity that allows employees to be properly educated on products and services that they need to sell. Utilizing AR in the training process can truly make learning efficient and effective as employees will be able to experience real-world and real-time situations where they must perform according to the objectives and directives set by their employers. Augmented Reality applications present the opportunity for employees to interact with software that results in a higher level of learning as opposed to just reading and processing information. With this higher level of learning, a business organization is able to improve productivity that translates into more products and services sold in their respective industry.

Augmented Reality in Web Design

It is common place for many organizations to outsource their web design to third party services. With AR being incorporated into the design of an organization’s webpage, it opens a whole new world of interaction for online visitors. Instead of just merely browsing a company’s products and services, AR allows online visitors to experience these in a first-person basis. This means being able to test products and services in a real-time basis. It also means being able to interact with products and services in multiple ways that entice them to purchase these immediately. With AR being implemented into the design of your organization’s webpage, the opportunity is endless.

Augmented Reality in Search Engine Optimization/Web Content

For a business organization to truly be successful, they must be able to educate the world about their products and services. With AR technology being implemented in your websites and marketing campaigns, online visitors will be able to access written content with virtual content that makes the entire educational process more real and unforgettable.

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