DATE POSTED: 02/27/2013

You may already be doing it, or even just considering it. Business process outsourcing (BPO), after all, is one of the most cost-effective business strategies moving the global economy today. If you are seriously considering outsourcing, Infinit-O is here to help you.

The most obvious option, though not always the most viable, is to look for a BPO company that can provide outsourcing solutions piecemeal. We suggest, however, to go for a company that can execute not just one but a combination of your business-critical operations.

When searching for a BPO services partner, take into account their solid experience in providing end-to-end solutions. They should be able to implement processes that will optimize your team’s efficiency. Additionally, their solutions should also be scalable and easy to integrate into your existing workflow or setup.

Outsourcing combinations can definitely unlock great rewards for your business, creating a more seamless and flexible process that’s customized to suit your needs. It’s one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing, because it enables you to increase revenues, expand your capabilities, and reduce costs.

How can it reduce costs, you ask? A BPO company capable of executing end-to-end outsourcing solutions can guarantee that only highly trained professionals will do the job for you. With a team of experts producing high-quality work, you can concentrate on your core business without worrying how your deliverables are being handled.

Many companies in different industries have improved their efficiency and productivity, and even expanded their portfolios since partnering with a BPO services provider. Some of these industries include:

  • Customer Care
  • Accounting (Finance)
  • Legal Services
  • Procurement
  • Research and Analytics
  • Risk Management
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Investment (BFSI)
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Consumer and Retail Products
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Social Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Utilities and Energy

Business requirements vary, of course, but there are outsourcing solutions that can easily be implemented across industries and value chains. Infinit-O published an article about outsourcing combinations, and we would like to continue sharing both knowledge and ideas on what other combinations a good BPO company can offer:

  • Medical billing preparation and payment posting
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processing
  • Hedge fund accounting and administration and investor servicing
  • Payroll and general processing
  • Call center and healthcare information management, e.g. medical hotlines
  • Call center and collections and refunds
  • Cloud computing and information and document management
  • Traditional and non-traditional market research
  • Insurance policy set up and changes
  • Inbound logistics processing and outbound logistics processing
  • Churn analysis and support, usage analytics, and CRM analytics

In the end, what matters are the results, and the results should contribute to your company’s bottom line. But to get great results, you first have to determine what’s most needed by your operational structure.

Business outsourcing, if done by a transparent and reliable BPO company, is easy and painless. What we have, and will continue, to share with you will help you choose both the right outsourcing combination and the right BPO services provider.

Author: Outsourcing Insider

Outsourcing Insider consists of a team of regular blog contributors who writes topic about outsourcing and its relation to other industries like social media, finance, healthcare, sales and marketing, contact centers, and data and research.